In 2013, Westerly was certified by the SBA for the 8(a) program.  In 2015, the SBA took that one step further and approved Westerly for the 8(a) Mentor-Protege program, pursuant to 13 C.F.R. 124.520, with HSU Development, Inc.  Itself a graduate of the 8(a) program, HSU has unique insight and experience to provides an added level of expertise to the partnership while maintaining its commitment toward Small Business development.

Together, this team is your Best Value Construction and Facility Support Contractor. 

For over 20 years, HSU has performed award-winning services for the Federal Government in and around our nation's most treasured landmarks, including the White House, Iwo Jima National Marine Corps War Memorial, Pentagon, National Zoo, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, and Smithsonian Institution museums.  HSU has a proven history of successfully handling the challenges and intricacies of government contracting and is called upon by its federal clients to handle highly sensitive and extremely challenging projects. Not only does HSU successfully serve the Mid-Atlantic Region, it also performs construction services worldwide through a Department of State IDIQ.  Working in these spaces has required the highest level of competence, prudence, security, and trustworthiness.  

HSU has a strong customer base of notable agencies including: 

·         National Institutes of Health
·         John F. Kennedy Center
·         Smithsonian National Zoo
·         NAVFAC
·         US Army Corps of Engineers
·         National Park Service
·         Veterans Affairs

·         WHS – Pentagon
·         The Department of State
·         GSA – White House
·         GSA - Mid-Atlantic Region
·         Nuclear Regulatory Commission
·         Smithsonian Institution
·         US Dept. of Agriculture

Elephant Community Center

Location:  Washington, DC |  Owner: Smithsonian Institution |  Completed: March 2013

HSU has successfully completed the Elephant Community Center, a state-of-the-art facility designed to house the National Zoo’s population of Asian elephants. This was a multi-year renovation of 19,000 SF of the 1937 Historic Elephant House, which is located on National Register of Historic Places’ Olmsted Trail. This project, part 2 of a 7-year remodel, included salvaging historic interior elements, interior strengthening of existing stone exterior walls, and conversion of existing interior spaces to elephant stalls.  It also includes geothermal fed slab heating and hydraulic elephant containment measures.

Pentagon Athletic Center Phase II

Location:  Arlington, VA |  Owner: Washington Headquarters Services |  Completed: July 2011

The PAC II renovation project was a fast-track project that involved expansion of an additional 16,000 square feet, including construction of a new international regulation-size squash court, exercise rooms, women’s and men’s locker room expansion, administrative office space, and a new exterior entry with a secure reception area, including multiple turnstiles, queuing areas, screening areas, equipment, and electronic card readers. 

In addition to this complex's interior expansion, HSU also performed 18,000 sf of exterior upgrades including site work, landscaping, concrete, and  paving. Also installed were three storm water basins and associated piping, which were then tied into existing utility service. 

Speedwell Carousel

Location: Washington, DC |  Owner: Smithsonian Institution |  Completed: November 2012

The HSU team completed construction of the Speedwell Foundation’s Conservation Carousel at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Zoo. HSU worked collaboratively with the Owner and Subcontractors to implement an action plan which resulted in on-time delivery. The Carousel features fifty-eight hand-carved animals, including endangered species such as the giant panda and bald eagle, as well as other interesting critters like the naked mole rat and yellow jacket.  It is one of the world’s first solar-powered carousels and is designed for a net-zero impact on the zoo’s energy consumption.  This important project was featured in many local and national news stories.

The project required substantial site, civil, and foundation work to create the infrastructure for this exceptional structure. HSU constructed ADA compliant, paved, wheelchair ramps and walking paths. The project also required extensive landscaping to match the existing vegetation of this historic facility. 

Quantico Marine Corp Base LED Lighting

Location: Quantico, VA |  Owner: NAVFAC |  Completed:  December 2013

HSU was the prime contractor on this design-bid-build and design-build project that involved upgrading the lighting systems of over 1,200 street lamps. The old lamps were converted to an energy-efficient LED lighting system.

The initial phase of the project involved a comprehensive survey of each lamp post and lighting system to determine current energy consumption and overall condition. After the survey was analyzed, HSU began the expansive effort of repair and replacement of the actual systems. The lamp posts were located throughout the 86 square mile Marine Corps base; some with remote locations as far as 45 minutes away from the jobsite staging area. The work was performed over the course of one year, without any safety, quality, or other issues.