Location: Fort Belvoir, VA| Owner: US Army Corps of Engineer | Complete: Ongoing

Westerly is the Prime Contractor on this design/build project to repair fire alarm/suppression and electrical systems and offices.  Westerly is providing all materials, labor, equipment, transportation, and services to design and build these systems complete.

Westerly will demolish and remove the existing deluge sprinkler system. Following design activities, Westerly will install a new pre-action fire deluge system for the entire 14,047 sf hanger space. This will be supplemented with high expansion foam generators located adjacent to the priceless parked aircraft in this historic facility. The new system shall be tied into the existing water service.  Westerly shall provide all associated work including but not limited to: detection and notification system, seismic protection, piping, and painting. 

Additionally, Westerly shall design and construct a new, energy efficient, LED lighting system. Associated work will include electrical upgrades of the main and sub-distribution panels, and main circuit breakers, supplying and installing new PA grounding and bonding, and lightening protection system.

The project shall also include renovation of 3,169 sf of office space.  The office area will receive architectural, MEP, seismic, and fire protection upgrades.